Wednesday, 1 May 2019

No more Avenger? My reaction

Displaying  I always assumed myse...

I always assumed myself as unlucky... Though I ain't... I believed it when I was given this batch as the lucky Avenger fan at the theatre 🎭 😂😂😂 well!

That's a normal batch but it's to me is as the memory of my fav Iron man and Captain America!

Displaying  I always assumed myse...

The movie was a roller-coaster ride. It has an unpredictable story. What is going in the next scene you can't even imagine! And every scene leaves you surprised.

The movie had lots of hilarious scenes which would burst you in laughter. The movie lets you that part of the super hero's life which we never considered.
"you are going to see the older version of your superheroes that you have never imagined."

You would see them emotional, depressed and given up. All of the traits you have never assumed. Each one with reversed of their major aura. Time changes everything and everyone. That's what with our admired hero.

However, they have not lost one thing their courage. That's what is important!

The most sentimental part of the story was the death of Iron Man. I too wept,
and I know you will too. The thought that there will be no more Iron Man movies and yes! Captain America too. His power of living forever has come to end in the movie and you can understand what that means.
Displaying  I always assumed myse...

As a writer, I myself feel that when we write a character we live their life. Their story needs to have an end before our life does. So, I think Mr. Stan Lee had brought this part of the story in the Avenger before he died.

However, If you are thinking no more Iron Man? No more Captain America?

Remember! Captain America which written to the past has an unknown story. (they are two as they were two Nebula in the future.) apart from this, Mr. Tony stark had his little miss stark who can process with the story further!

Doesn't my perception sounds amazing?? Tell me!

Thursday, 11 April 2019

You Never Know What Will Happen!

When you had prepared for  something a lot. You escaped and avoid everything that mattered you most for that particular thing and it just didn't happen. How would you feel? Angry?

My exam has cancelled today.

Most of the people who would hear this would be happy. However,  with me, the circumstances are else. You would find it stupid to hear, but initially I was angry. Yes! you read it right. I was angry and it was because I had worked so hard. I had been preparing from 15 days. It's not just the preparation that got wasted. It were the moment of joy that I escaped due to my exams. I avoid going out with friends, talking to my parents, watching my favourite shows, reading my favourite novels and especially I avoid a number of open mics and events. And here is the regret that lies.

First of all, as a most  common reaction I was angry as anyone can be,  and now i am sad all because of the regret of missing those event, missing out meeting interesting people and listens poetrys. I missed out all.

So,  my exam has cancelled and I am back to my daily schedule.

Most importantly,  I am upset with it.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Collision- Why dont I reply in debate and discussion!

Hey! how are you? You must be happy now isn't

I ain't fine... I again lend my opinion and it has ended up in a fight,  a vigorous one and we are not talking.. I think we will not ever talk... Its was intensified then the last time.

I forgot that what I had told myself..

Yes, I know  everyone is made up of their own kind, they have their own thought I should respect them,I do, listen to them cautiously but don't give reply to them.. I understand they won't see the right  almost everyone in the mass,  any debate or discussion turns out to be the win-lose game. But what is debate and discussion for? To get the right consequences?

But who cares about the conclusion they are all selfish, all are involved in the game,  the game of winning

Yup! I know, to them what matters most is the winning, the winning trophy in argument to prove they are right then to see what is right. They think that what they concluded is right but they are far far away from truth. I see them, I listen them,  I pity on them and I ignore...
Bcz to me ignorance is the key to happiness and peace in real life...

Bcz I love peace more then winning arguments.  I want a sound sleep at night rather then thinking every point of the argument and to plan to improve it to make my win in a better way...

I remember what my great Mentor has told me "listen to everyone and see the side of all in their perspective, you will get the real truth,  which is hidden in all those opinions ..."
But when I speak that truth to them, they point a finger over me and state me with lots of unmentionable terms...

I believe everyone has something wrong in them, no one is 100% right even me, but not everything in everyone is wrong... They all have little goodness that's hidden in their core.

So,  whenever someone says he or she is doing wrong.. I answer them thats their life they better know what is right wrong for them. And then starts the game of wining and losing.  They put their all effort to prove themselves right and me as wrong. When I get this bitter vibe, I remain in silence and let them bark themselves from the core. And announce them, that they are winner and let them go with the winning trophy and I go home with my only love peace...

People call me loser, coward, dastard and dumb. They call me up with many other synonyms. They also ask why I am like this.
Why dont I  speak
Why don't I reply
Why I remain in silence
And I know if I spoke  the truth, they will again start the game of win lose and my peace will be endangered.

So,  I again I don't reply and remain in silence... Give them their winning trophy and let them return with the win and me with the peace..

I do this all the time I know that, but this time...  I failed
I did the same mistake like others I tried to put off my thought on them and the game of winning started. They tried to put their opinion over me I listen carefully and ignored for the bloody peaceful sound sleep I love...
But then I send them a small thought to consider.. And they had started proving...  That led to their statements I am wrong, my poems are wrong, I am can't feel their way and my pen my ink my words are one sided propaganda...

I realised again  the win loose game had began.. It was too late, the harmony of our relation was endangered already...

I remain silent.. Let them win again, let them take their winning trophy back their home... Blocked them got my peace and had the sound sleep..

Sunday, 9 December 2018

This Year

Lots of random moments... I am keen to the changes that have came in me these months as I have settled down here in Patna.. In these months I have learnt to do things alone, being in on self, to explore place and the best thing to enjoy my best moments with me only. And this was one of those.... Being at my Convocation... being graduate today was one of the best feelings that I can not express in words.. Literally it's a feeling that I enjoyed...