Monday, 8 August 2016

The Unlucky Night

      The Unlucky Night

  After the medical treatment of his brother in law, Mr malik, Mr. Sharma was coming by bus, with him from Patna. In the way, the bus bus had broken down, at a desolate place, in the dead of night. Half of the passenger changed their bus and went toward their destination, but Mr. Sharma thought, the bus is being repaired, why do I change it, the journey will be chaos. So, he decided to wait till the bus  would be repaired.
  But destiny had different plan for him , nobody had known, what that night would change his as well as the life's of his belongings.
  In the dead of night, there came the Knights of evil of modern world 'Dacaiots'  with there Ak 47 and desi gun 'Tamancha'. Seeing this Mr. Sharma who had seated at last birth, hide his gold ring in one of his shoe and threw all his money under the  seat in front of him.
The Dacoits having covered there dreadful face with black piece of cloth of there black turban on there head, started shouted in loud voice
  "Jo hai de do , Jo hai de do , Ni to mar denge, jaan se mar denge, tamancha dekh rha hai na".
  And when the Dacoits came towards him, After snatching riches from others, threatened him for his life and asked for money.
  "I didn't have any", he said with stuttering voice .
  "Oye, Jyada shatir mat ban, samjha ke ni, Ye kaun hai, tere sath hai na. Iske pass paisa hoga na chal de, de be". In a voice as loud as loud can be.
  By bad fortune, there was money in Mr. Mallik's pocket, the Dacoits snatched it from him. Frightened Mr. Mallik didn't protested against them and took it from him.
  But Mr. Sharma with thoughts that how one can give there earnings which they have got after there hard labour just because one have gun and he is threatening you with it. No, so I can't let them take it from him.
   So, Mr. Sharma started protesting against them.
  One of the Dacoits said, "shant rhe ni to goli daag dunga, daag dunga".
  Mr. Mallik tried to convince him but, he didn't, and continue.
  The very moment they shoot Mr. Sharma, in the frightened bus with little trembling sounds, now it was terrified Silence all over in the bus and outside it in the dead of the night, in the desolate way.
    One night, one way, one destination, one convenience, one second, one moral thought and one nobly right and wisely wrong decision had changed the life of two family.
   "One had gone for the help of one and one had protest due to his moral noble thought and what that one got by those morality lesson?"

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani


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