Tuesday, 16 August 2016

India at Rio Olympic 2016

India At Rio Olympic 2016

    I am really disappointed with the performance of India in every sport in this Olympics games. Yes, I am   to a point that I don't want to even hear about it like any one else, it may be because of the excessive bubbling patriotism inside or it may be chauvinism.
    I feel like something dieing inside me when I find India  bowing down in every sport one by one and getting out of the main league which it had been never part of. But mine excessive imaginative mind or I guess my chauvinistic patriotism want it to be in it.
   But I know technically it won't be possible this time, mean this year. Our Player have not got that world class training that one want for those medal, it's because of the banality towards sports of our government, after every Olympic many promises are made, like others, but none are fulfilled and when next Olympics are held the promises of big prize money are announced just for mouth sake because, they themselves know that only few on counting of finger will won and therefore, they will be in no loss.
   So, After observing the performance of every player at Rio Olympic, I can say that, It's more than enough, to at least see Indian sport person at 4rth position at Olympic Games, cause they are there because of their passion, enthusiasm and own hard work, not because of the government policies which is present in the top most countries, without getting the best world class training they came at fourth place within the crowd of world's best players, is really more than enough, and we should stop discouraging there efforts, should applaud them with our love for sport same as that we have for cricket, because they really deserve it whole heartily.

Shivangi Saumya Suhani

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