Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Hidden Side Of Moon

   The Hidden Part Of Moon

  A little boy was polishing shoes of people. I was as starring at him.
  He was polishing and repairing shoes of others, but he himself didn't had even a Slipper.
  I dared and asked to him, "you repair everyone's shoes and you yourself don't have shoes?
  "Di , sometimes the one who bring happiness to others have to himself be in the shade of sorrow". He replied and smirked. 
  I was speechless to his words, and left the place, unanswered.

  "Solely, his words were true, cause even the moon who brightens night have to keep a part of his to shade of darkness".

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Bel Patra

    In the holy month of Sawan, it was Monday morning the day of fast, all over there was spirituality and devotion in  the environment around and I too have gone to  temple to worship Lord Shiva  .
    Outside the Temple I saw a little girl about 12, ofcourse had came to worship lord Shiva.
    A kind of leaf called belpatra is used to devote to God Shiv. She did not only have that, but she had the branches of these leaves. Seeing it, I smiled in my mind, and it got reflected to my face. That girl caught me starring at her and glance once and then moved her face and then again looked at me and said,
  "Di, Do want more".
  "I have enough, dear", I said and smirked. And my soul said to me, dear God will be happy in it.

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mount Everest From My Terrace

Mount Everest
  Early morning and clear sky, I used to wait for it, since childhood, but what is the exact time, I am doing so, I don't know, since when, I did so or who told me that either,
  "That 'The Mount Everest', 'the tallest mountain peak of the world', can be seen out from my terrace or anyone else's of my town".
And after then, knowing about it, every morning I prayed for pleasant morning with clear sky, so that I could have once again the view of "The Elegant Vast Mount Everest" .
  Every Morning, after waking up and running to the terrace to see that if the sky is clear so that I could once again have a glance at the Mount Everest, had became my most favourite habit.
And after finding the sky clear, I used to be on the cloud nine, but had to return once again on the earth, to live that beautiful scenery.
  I used to lean on the boundary of my terrace and used to stand on my toes to get a little bit taller so that I could have a better, beautiful and brighter view. I used to see then, the mountains peak used to  covered with white, Chaos and vivid snow, with white cream like clouds surrounding it, for that was visible to anyone viewing it. Then with slow movement of time, in every jiffy the cloud covering the peak used to fade slowly - slowly, and the peak then used to be visible, clear white, covered with snow, standing with laconic words of determination that it would not move forever and he is the real boss. And when the first sun rays used to fell on the top of the Peak like a gold beam shoot at it and it's small gold particles used to scatter around its surrounding, gradually the peak used to shroud with the sun rays and whole peak of Mount Everest used to shine like if it is a piece of Sun and it's small golden burning particles have spread in its atmosphere and it felt like as if it's made of gold but more shimmer, more beautiful and more attractive than it.
Then, gradually the part of mountain facing sun was bright, glowing and shimmering like sun and the other was like the shadowy, dark but visible part of moon.
And till then, it used to be 8 of morning and my terrace used to be filled with hot rays of sun, burning my outer skin. So, I had to go to my room again, but the pictures of "The Unexpressable Beauty of The Elegant Mount Everest"  used to inhabit in my mind forever.
  And whenever I wanted to see it, I used to go to the terrace and repeat it.

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Aafi And Her Innocent Desire

Aafi And Her Innocent Desire

  It was the holy month of Ramzan and Aafi was wondering if she could eat swaenya on Eid which was two days later, 10 rupees was all, she did had in her little feeble hands and the cost of half litre of milk itself was 20 rupees and swaenya was 80 rupees per kg, while sugar was available to her. But it was known to her that she would not be able to eat the yummy 'swaenya' which to her, was more than favourite.
  Well, her ammu had money, but not enough, and she didn't want to spent over it and left empty handed, rest of month. So, she decided not to make swaenya. She was well-nigh aware of her only daughter's small innocent desire from heart, but what she could do was nothing. She did earn 2000 rupees only, in which she had to live off whole month.
  It was the day of Eid, Aafi after bathing wore the pink frok that Abbu had bought her on last Eid, and who was now gone to Jannat, in the lee of Allah. Then she with her Ammu offered namaz of Eid, and eat what she used to ate every day, for which her happiness can be felt in her eyes, but in her thoughts, if there were swaenya too, then it would feel like, icing on the cake with cherry on the top.
  In the afternoon, she went with her all friends of her neighbouring, to get Eidi from her neighbours, where she was offered swaenya to eat but she, the little innocent Aafi, how could she eat it, when her Ammu would not get it to eat. So, the little girl refused. She had now all 30 rupees, in which 10 rupees she already had, and 20 rupees she got as Eidi.
   In the evening, she had to go to her khala jaan's place, where she used to go every year with Abbu, but now he was gone to Allah.  So, she thought she would not go, as she had to go alone, cause one have to be at home, because one of the window pane was broken and if they would go together, then even what less they had, would be stolen.
   She was looking outside the window when she heard a sound of knocking at the door, Aafi went there and opened the door, it was his bhai jaan Asraf (khala jaan's son). Seeing him Aafi's lips curved and there was a big happy smile now sticked to her desperate face, because her khala was aware of everything. So, she had send him.
   When she reached there, her khala jaan hugged her and wished Eid Mubarak. She offered Aafi swaenya, but little Aafi again refused to eat it. Then, Aafi sweetly asked "meli Eidi khala".
" Eidi to bahut special hai, meri special Aafi ke liye mgr, usko ghar jaa ke kholna". She went inside and brought a box wrapped with gift paper. Then, after  Aafi said Eid Mubarak to everyone and good bye too. His bhai jaan dropped her home then.
   After reaching home, she shown Ammu that gift and started opening it, it was a tiffin box and filled with something. Little Aafi, seeing box was little disappointed, if it would have been money than she could had bought swaenya, But it was tiffin box. She told Ammu to open it, as her soft feeble hand could not open a steel tiffin box. When she opened it, it was filled of yummy swaenya. Seeing it, slowly Aafi lips changed into curve of smile and than of joy and happiness. It was like as the whole world was now, beneath her feet saying Aafi, your wish, your wish, how can not it be true.
  Then, finally in the night of Eid both Aafi and Ammu get to eat swaenya, which was for them a dream which cannot be ever reached.
   "But when a desire from the core of a true heart comes out, it may take time, but it reaches to the almighty God, and when he listens it, even from his eyes tears rolled down, and what he could do more is to make that supple, tender and gentle wish come true magically".

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tassu And Krish

  "What place you love to be in", he asked her eagerly.
  "In hospital" she said with low tone, and her eyes locked somewhere in her imagination of her own emptiness.
  "Why". He was surprised and confused with her answer and little worried.
   With a sigh she said, " at least that is the place na, where someone will wake me up on time, will ask if I am fine, will ask if I had food, will give me medicines on time, will not ignore and avoid me, will be there on my 1 call and specially will have time for me, till my eyes are open, and  it doesn't matter to me that I will get such a treatment because of the bill I pay.
And he was speechless, his lips just didn't have that courage to move to give s reply and his heart fell so deep, deep as her heart was fallen, and his mind unsuccessfully, trying to find way to heal her infinite wound but couldn't.
  He constantly observing her eyes which were lost over something that he wanted her to take away from.
  "Tassu, I am here , till u aren't fine", looking deeply into his eyes as its the only thing he would like to do again and again never get tired of.
  "But, Not for always Krish", making an eye contact him and her efforts of putting a fake smile of her face was totally visible, while she was recumbent on the hospital bed.

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

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Monday, 11 July 2016

Review on BREAKING FREE by Neha Nayak

  Breaking free, a debut novel by Neha Nayak, is a story about a girl who can be you , me or anyone. A girl free like a bird in the infinite sky, trying to fly high and high, but suddenly what happens she gets caught in a cage made of love, selfish love, not for her, but for her emirate and emir lifestyles.
  And at right time she realises that, and breaks free. It took her hard to tolerate all the pain that she got because of it, but even in darkest night there is rays of hope, it is other thing that it may come from tiny stars. And then comes an angel, who with his stupidity and chuckles, heals her all pain. But at the end, again a cage was being formed for her but was of a real feel. But she, Noya now knew,
  "life is not about a thing, to which one should be confined of, but to live it to fullest, as one can do being with himself".
  So, Noya decided to BREAK FREE.
   BREAKING FREE, is a beautiful story written with beautiful thought, giving lots of life lessons. And the best parts are the meeting of Noya and Ranbir by destiny.

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Gift from Malaysia

   It was  my mama's birthday and I called him to wish Happy Birthday.
   He told me that he his going to Malaysia, and board on afternoon fight for an official tour. I congrats him and wished him luck.
   "What do want to get from Malaysia" he said.
   "Pura ka pura Malaysia" I said.
    And we stated laughing.

    "ise he kehte hai mauke pe chauka"

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

मतलबी दुनिया

मतलबी ये दुनिया,
मतलबी इसके फसाने,

क्या अपने,
क्या गैर,
क्या अनजाने,

सभी घोपते है छुरी यहाँ,
मिठास में लपेटकर

शिवान्गी सौम्या सुहानी

The Morning Wind

The Morning wind,
And the cloudy sky,
Made my day bind,
With happiness and joy.

The first sun rays,
On the tallest tower,
The Morning breeze,
In the peak hour.

Made my body filled with,
Peaceful and fresh flower,
And let me accompanied blithe,
Confidence and passion power.

The Morning wind,
And the cloudy sky,
Made my every jiffy bind,
With activist and ambitious day.

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Three shock

I was at gandhi maiden sitting at the shade near the West main gate, I was busy revising my notes for one more time.
A woman in her mid 20's came and sat on the same shade a little away from me, she was tall, at least taller than me, her whole face was covered with her dupatta,  like a terrorist, which is probably very common here in Patna. She would had fair complexion that can be observed, from her visible hand, well she had wore a suit and churidaar which had covered her from  head to toe. She was looking like a ritual, traditional and sacramental girl.
Then, she called anyone and start having a conversation, which I was able to hear,  because of her loud voice and her call on speaker, I was not intentionally hearing it, but it was constantly going into my ears,  so what can I had done?
  "You know, Pretty is cheap mean and surely a bitch , I am leaving that flat in a week, can u come with me, so that we can go together".
   "but why, you do want to change ur flat, have you got mad"?
  " What do you know, what have she just did? She always go with her boyfriend and came late and not only this but she come drunk many time and we hid it from the landlordess. And I didn't came for 1 night and she told her that and not only this but she told that she would tell about it to my parents? Such a slut she is, I never told about her anything to anyone, and she threatened me to do this,  how could she? "
(listening all this drama I was shocked to at that extent that I thought, I was surely been dreaming, but even nightmares are not that worse, they only frightens you not leave you in perplexingly shocked. But I felt like I got a heart attack, well the 1st one. )
" oh my god, that's the problem to my jaan".
  (ewe, how anyone call someone jaan that more worse than being annoying.)
And said that he would come after 4 pm cause he have to complete some important work than he would be free.

  I was constantly thinking now that I am really in a town. But one heart attack was still left for me or I guess two.

  A guy in guise of Salman Khan but with his own face was coming from the south, I thought he was coming for her, but I thought, she already had a boyfriend then how can he  would came to her.
But he stopped near our shade and get down from his massive R15. And she went to him and he gave her gift and some flowers and they hugged each other.
    While all this, my eyes goes broader looking at her though it was the 2nd heart attack for me, how a girl can be deceitful! how can be she?
  Then, I saw while she was hugging him a men behind that guy was showing that girl a hie fie and that girl instead gave him a flying kiss.
Then, After hugging she went and sat his  massive R15 and said I have to come before 4 pm, here it was that about 2pm then.

I was then wondering  about her disloyalty, dishonesty and deceitfulness, and not only boys are like this, but girls are too, I hadn't ever agreed that girls can do so. But after this incident one thing was clear disloyalty, dishonesty and deceitfulness are not a gender problem but it a problem of those weaker people, who find it cool to cheat someone and whatever, but when they realise there mistakes, it's too late for them to be believed by anyone. It's a problem that doesn't affect, who may had committe it, but one who believe on the committer, and there believe from love, honestly and loyalty get shattered forever.
  "Life is very short to spoil others and yours too, so guys live your life with peace and let others too".

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani