Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tassu And Krish

  "What place you love to be in", he asked her eagerly.
  "In hospital" she said with low tone, and her eyes locked somewhere in her imagination of her own emptiness.
  "Why". He was surprised and confused with her answer and little worried.
   With a sigh she said, " at least that is the place na, where someone will wake me up on time, will ask if I am fine, will ask if I had food, will give me medicines on time, will not ignore and avoid me, will be there on my 1 call and specially will have time for me, till my eyes are open, and  it doesn't matter to me that I will get such a treatment because of the bill I pay.
And he was speechless, his lips just didn't have that courage to move to give s reply and his heart fell so deep, deep as her heart was fallen, and his mind unsuccessfully, trying to find way to heal her infinite wound but couldn't.
  He constantly observing her eyes which were lost over something that he wanted her to take away from.
  "Tassu, I am here , till u aren't fine", looking deeply into his eyes as its the only thing he would like to do again and again never get tired of.
  "But, Not for always Krish", making an eye contact him and her efforts of putting a fake smile of her face was totally visible, while she was recumbent on the hospital bed.

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

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