Sunday, 26 June 2016

"Sanskar" doesn't lies in "Touching Feet"

   India, the country of spirituality, culture and tradition, here, everyone has been given the lesson of sacraments by their first teacher 'Parents' in their first school 'Home'. We here talk about ritual which is more than our life for us.
  But where does our culture lies in, today in the modern India,  if a child goes and touches your feet, you at the same moment start thinking how cultural he or she is, what a good sacraments is given to him or her by his parents, and a image of Sanskari Child of his/her become in your mind.
     But if you see the same child making jokes about an old person who walks with the support of stick, or of his teacher who punished him for his good, or of his servant who serves him, not only making jokes but disrespecting them.
     Now, what image that chid have in your mind, does he remain with his same Sanskari image or now it have change to a undisciplined, worsened and rude child.
    Now, still if you think that Sanskar lies in touching feet than you don't only sound wrong but you are, for sure, Cause Sanskar doesn't lies in touching feet but in respecting, protecting and helping others without seeing any of your own benefits.

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani


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