Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Helping Hand Can Bring Many

    I was in the way to my tuition it was pretty late because of the haltingly rain and ofcourse my friend Priya who have the habit to make me late everywhere we have to go together.
   On the way, there were two-three stranger and a biscuit seller with his handcart which was overloaded with biscuits of bakery coming from opposite direction than that of me.
   I was constantly observing that biscuits seller coming from the opposite direction, he was very old, feeble but strong due to his labour, but for an instant I thought how after being so old he still works for his family, that gave me inspiration. Though his veins where quite protuberant, but he was old, weak and feeble and that overloaded handcart made me feel that he could not sustain it more, although I was praying it shouldn't happen, he shouldn't lose his balance, as he is a real fighter.
   As I was few metres away from him, he could not tolerate more handling it and his handcart fell onto its front side and all of his biscuits on above of his handcart fell down and the old man himself too.
   Those three boy started seeing him but didn't came up with a helping hand.
   But, me and my friend, inspite of discussing if we should stop or not. We took brake of our cycle at the same moment and had a glance at each other with the same thought. Seeing this one of the boy ran to old man and within 2-3 seconds the other two too.
   Though, we didn't need to help that old man but I learn something instead and that brought a smile on my, my friend and that old man's face.
    "Sometimes a helping hand doesn't only help others but bring many, it is other thing that it may be of shame" . ☺

Written By
Shivangi Saumya Suhani


  1. Real great on your part in helping a man in distress . I also read your Review of Breaking Free , which I have also reviewed . Me a first time Author of Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara , now in 13 countries , 95 libraries .


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