Thursday, 9 June 2016

Bihar Toppers Scandle

         Bihar Toppers Scandle
  I was a bright student since childhood, so everyone had a hope towards me that I will do something very big in my life.
  But then flood happened in Bihar in 2008, I was then studying in a CBSE board school in 6th standard , but after flood my life changed grandoqueintly, and our financial conditions got worse, but some how my parents managed to provide me education till standard 7 in that school.
   And my destiny took me to government school of my city, Where I completed my elementary education. Then after entrance exam in which I had 9th place among all students, I took admission in high school of my town in 9th standard.
   And the people around who ever have known  me because of study, had only one and only one hope from me that I will do top at least at block level.
   And I had studied hard enough to do so, but when I entered at examination centre I found a very tight checking at the entrance. So,  I didn't had thought that there will be anything like that what  happened further.
     When I got the questions paper after answer sheet were provided, I in 4g speed started writing the answer, but after 30 minutes I found. that the invisilator were continously getting cheats from different girls seats. After sometime  I found that I was the only one who was writing herself. Everyone in that room was cheating except me and one of my friend even some of my friends and known girls. I was surprised as well as deeply desperate seeing it,  but I concentrated on my Karm that says do it neglecting all even and odds . I wanted to stop all that and wanted to raise my voice against it but in front of whom, where and why? Everyone one else except me have loved this, why would someone will stand with me for this.
    And when result came I had got only 60%, I was very disconsolate because of it and when asked to many, the most satisfactory answer came was "bihar board me aisa he hota h,  centre pe maha cheating chala hoga isliye Sbko average marks de diya gya hoga except jinhone sifaris karan hoge" . And that's why some of my classmate dumbo who use to get 0-5 marks in class test had more marks then me.
     Further in 12th board I used to come 1st-2nd  in regular tests, but I used not to be happy, everyone used to  ask me why, then I use to reply, "bhai tu to sifaris karwa ke mere se jyada marks le ke aa jayega na aur mere ko to fir se wahi 60% aayega" .
    Listening this everyone use to console me," this time it won't happen to, you will get into topper. and I use to laugh and say the history will be repeated because bihar board is never gonna change.


     In 12th board exam the history was again repeated, full cheating was going inside the room even after getting captured in the camera. The answer of objectives questions were told by the invisilator this time, which was more disappointing then before. But in maths examination whole students were left freely to cheat and that was disponted truth to face.
  And again result came and I didn't have any hope this time, and finally I got 70%marks 10% more than 10th board. And people dumbo then me had got more marks in different subjects then me and I had average 70 in each.

Today seeing the Bihar Board Toppers Scandle after being bihari, I feel very worse cause because of it, it's getting a bad image but due to corruption which have cling it's education system and it got such a chance just because lack of quality education here in Bihar in government sector.
      I don't know what had happen is good or bad but it needed to be happen someday, perhaps yesterday, or perhaps tomorrow or perhaps today.
      And I am blithe that it happen, at least something will change, and this change will encounter a revolution, Cause a change is the carrier of Evolution.

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