Saturday, 4 June 2016

Woman Empowerment, Why??

     Woman empowerment, the most burning topic of today's Indian politics, I, since childhood, have used to hear it, but it's been few year I had started thinking why doesn't we talk about men empowerment????  Why doesn't we talk about men education??? Why doesn't we talk about men protection??? Why doesn't we talk about what men should wear???? Why doesn't we talk about men employment????? Why? Why? And why?
    I never got the answer, and the answer given by others didn't satisfied me at all.
    These questions started revolving around me since I was in 10th ,  although I m from a family where these thing doesn't matter whether if am a girl or a boy, I have  been brought up by my parents like there child not as their daughter or son.
    But further I used to see that there were several programme which provided different facilities to girl, only for girl under some women empowerment programme, I was delighted with it, but since then the fact I wasn't getting was "Woman Empowerment",and why doesn't something exist like" Man Empowerment ".
     This question was whenever asked by me to others, an astonishing expressions appeared with clear perplexing feeling on their face, which told me my answer.
      Perhaps the woman are weak in comparison to man physically even after carrying a baby in their stomach for 9 months and bearing the complicated pain to bring that child in this world, Perhaps woman have less intelligence than man even after managing the whole house hold things from money matter to tidiness and from tidiness to cooking and from cooking to taking care of every family member and their things Or Perhaps the man or our society or our culture have made women weaker in front of Man so that we could talk about "Woman Empowerment"  not "Man Empowerment".

Written  by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

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