Monday, 26 September 2016

If I Were A Muslim

If I were a Muslim

If I were a Muslim,
I couldn't tolerate it,
To see my indian brother
Hating me extremely,

Only because of the religion I belong ,
I would have been suffering along,
With Suspicious eyes of my folk,
How could that pain I could revoke.

Where I born, where I was brought up,
That place is  not mine, I have to bear up,
This feeling, that is most unbearable,
How could I make it for me suffer able.

I will have to prove my patriotism,
Why? And even then, How would I have optimism,
How? How could I have it?
How? How could I bear that hatred feeling?

My tears and consoles are fake,
For martyr, who died for also my country's sake,
Even if I say, I would be said wrong,
And if didn't, I am supporting them for sure.

Yes, I would look alike them and my name,
But truth is, 'our thinking' aren't same,
They are doing bad in the name of religion,
And due to this similarity, I would suffer those eyes of hatred.

I know, it's because of religion I belong,
Because some people are using it for other's evil and wrong,
And I understand that, So  I am quite.
I don't Rebel for my feelings because, it won't have any right?

Nothing matters me more or least,
Alike you, Than to see my country in safety, ceased.
I would even then, tolerate everything,
But not those eyes of doubt and hatred feelings .

In My mind it would just recall again and again,
"Assassinate me, Kill me or murdered me with pain,
But don't look me with those eyes of doubt and hatred feelings,
But don't look me with those eyes of doubt and hatred feelings ".

So, If I were a Muslim,
I won't be able to tolerate it,
To see my indian brothers,
Hating me extremely  without any of my guilty.

Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Dear Bad Luck

Dear bad luck,
    I know I am Unlucky And my bad luck is the Unluckiest. But it should have a limit please.
    I know what I want I can't get cause for it I have to be best which I can't be. But even, what I deserve and what is mine, you don't let me have that. Why?.
    Am I the worst person of the world??
    Even, the worst have a little luck, but me never, ever since, my childhood I put all my efforts to get what I deserved but I couldn't it was okay every time it happened, I have already had, had enough.
    Today, while Googling I found that in my first poetry competition I had won jury appreciation prize. And I came to know after more than a year!!
    Why it happens to me every time, like every time?
    I don't know.
    May be the day you have came in my life,  u have stuck to me, but...
    Don't I deserve, what I really deserve??
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Once Again A Depressing Post

Once Again A Depressing Post

    Once again, it was a depressing post of niyati!
"Missing somone"
   And I,  again  thought it was about  someone  who was never been  hers.
   And I began scolding her, again  without asking, whether that post was really concerned with it.
  " Niyati, Why don't you understand, people won't share ur pains and will make you comfortable but will make it more bitter, don't share ur feelings on social networks.
"Shivi,  I am sorry ,I hadn't told you, it's been a year of my nana's (maternal grandfather's) death, and today is his death anniversary. I am missing him a lot, I just can't believe that he isn't with us ".
    I was shattered with her words, she pardon without my grant for her apologies.. But I was just left regretting.
   " We human are very judgemental, we  without trying to  know different aspects of things and start giving our opinion and when we realise our mistake,  we aren't left to do much then feeling ashamed ".

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Wait And Watch

Wait And Watch

Wait and watch,
With working hard, 
That's what would only last. 

When the rusted iron, 
Of hard work and labe, 
Would turn bright gold. 

You My Friend, 
Will bath with,  then, 
Shower of Success kin. 

You won't need, 
then to reply every, 
Bullying tolerated. 

That would themselves,
bumped with  invisible, 
Slap of shame.  

Shivangi Saumya Suhani 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Mere Sympathy

Mere Sympathy

'Mere sympathy', 
I don't like, 
Your coming, 
From different eyes. 

Only, apathy
I show,  alike,   
To your  incoming, 
To say you banal byes.

Neither thy, 
Nor your words feel like, 
Are petty helping, 
But are trifling consolatories. 

That's why, 
Mere sympathy 
I don't like, 
Your coming 
From different eyes. 

Shivangi Saumya Suhani