Monday, 21 September 2015

Always want to know why

Always want to know why

Always want to know why,
The sky is, in the morn, blue bright,
Why it turns dark at night.

Why the sun rises in the morn and provide light,
& why does it set in the evening before night.

Why the moon is present in only 15 night,
& why it changes its shape with every night-day fight.

Why the sky is cloud less clear sometimes,
& why it is filled of dark clouds, after a while.

Why some days are cloudy cold,
& why some are hot, bold and mold.

Why some days are  Stormy airy,
& why some are like desert dry.

Why is animal divided in species,
& why are humans divided in caste creed, religion and communities.

Why does nature provide us everything,
& why does human destroy its every wing.

Why does the rich gets Richest,
& why dies the poor gets nothing.

Why does some don't want to study,
& why does some can't study.

Why does some  having lots of money, are in depression,
& why some does not having money  have always happy expression.

Why does we grow too fast,
& why doesn't we remain child for long last.

And I always want to know why, all this happen,
When I got grown up and mature understand all the reason before those.

Change is the rule of nature, therefore everything changes,
& while everything has its own limit, therefore everyone cannot get everything.

These were the answers, of my questions,
Except this some questions were left unanswered.

It was not that, that ,
I didn't understand these question.

But there was none ,
Who can understand realize and relate to my answer.

As why human are divided in this world holy,
& why everything is not shared here properly

name: Shivangi Saumya Suhani



The angels of our life ,
Comes us to guide,
They have many name,
One is teacher of them.
They guide us to right,
So, that our life may be bright.

They have big treasures,
Which is full of knowledge and life measure,
That they provide,
Moral lessons; chapterwise,
Teaches us the truth and right,
For our future it would help might.

They share all the knowledge they have,
But they don't get what they can better have,

They are here only for us,
For this , they didn't reach,
Where they had wanted and would had appeared,
It may be because of us,
That god had changed their destiny,thus;
Therefore, they are in front of us.

Sorry, sir and maam for all you have suffered,
And thanking god for all you have done for us.

                          WRITTEN  by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Sad shayri "Andhera zindagi ki hakikat hai"

Andhera zindagi ki hakikat hai..


Roshani se mujhe nafrat..

Ye pyar mujhse dobara nhi hoga..

Friday, 11 September 2015

Funny shayri

apko dekh ke aisa laga hai,
jyse juice ke glass me,
gutter ka pane bhara h,,,,,
:p ;p

Dil me gam majburi hai
dik me gam to majburi hai
mgr toothpaste me namak hona bht jaruri hai
:} ^_^

salad me fruit hota hai,
milkshake me dudh hota hai,
lekin wo dosti he kya ,
jisme ni gali galoj hota h…………

din me sawera hota hai,
raat me andhera hota hai,
aur aapko dekh ke aisa lagta hai,
falon ke tokri me sara kela ho ta h.
:D :p ;p