Sunday, 11 September 2016

Once Again A Depressing Post

Once Again A Depressing Post

    Once again, it was a depressing post of niyati!
"Missing somone"
   And I,  again  thought it was about  someone  who was never been  hers.
   And I began scolding her, again  without asking, whether that post was really concerned with it.
  " Niyati, Why don't you understand, people won't share ur pains and will make you comfortable but will make it more bitter, don't share ur feelings on social networks.
"Shivi,  I am sorry ,I hadn't told you, it's been a year of my nana's (maternal grandfather's) death, and today is his death anniversary. I am missing him a lot, I just can't believe that he isn't with us ".
    I was shattered with her words, she pardon without my grant for her apologies.. But I was just left regretting.
   " We human are very judgemental, we  without trying to  know different aspects of things and start giving our opinion and when we realise our mistake,  we aren't left to do much then feeling ashamed ".

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

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