Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Little Customer And The Old Shopkeeper

The Little Customer And The Old Shopkeeper

     The old shopkeeper remembered with counting money by his old board specs, after the little customer had gone that he had given 300 rupees more than he should had, he started thinking he is now in loss and he won't get it back, he assumed that the child, may be enjoying with his  money
  After few minutes, the little customer returned  with a little  innocent smile and counting money with his little hands. He said with his childish stammering, " you have given  me 300 rupees more than you should,  take it back".
   The shopkeeper with the guilty of being judgemental about that child now felt sorry and take the money back and gave him a chocolate.
      The little customer with the treasure of honesty, which he himself wasn't aware of, run with his happy feet.
   "And its common, we humans are very judgemental about people, even without the knowledge of every aspect of situations, we develop numerous opinion".

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani


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