Saturday, 1 October 2016

Terrorism Is No One's Friend

Terrorism Is No One's Friend

You killed the people of  my motherland,
And  consider yourself as victim,
You always had terrorism in your hand,
Beneath the face of innocence

You think we won't react,
But just let yourself do
What you want to tact,
With terrorism in both of your hand. .

But this time the tolerance have end,
And we have wrote a new beginning,
Nothing will be now leaved unfinished ,
Every of your sin will get punishing inning.

You will still astray and embrangle,
Your own people as you have done for long
because your fake courage can't admit your wrangle,
Since 1947,  had always been wrong.

You will now talk about Pacifism,
You are scourged ; how can you  admit?
Your false ego, now rants  and raves,
That's why you are giving atomic threats.

We all know its a spunous roar,
Just to embrangle your own blind folk,
How can you admit, wrong deeds of your,
Because your own people will start against you 'protesting talks'.

So, that's why you are banning India and Indian things,
But why not the water that also come from it??
This is just ersatz self respect,
Like the different teeth of elephant.

But let me tell you wicked minded people,
The virus you are using for us,
Is killing your own people too,
But to you, it never mattered and discussed.

You never cared for own public,
And are showing fake sympathy for kashmir?
Your deeds for humanity are all agnostic,
So, first cure yourself and then show fake concern for Indian emir.

Cause your agenda doesn't contain your people development,
But only terrorism,  terror and terrorist,
And making India baneful in front,
Of your people, for you personal benefits.

Not for only that but to hide your inadequacy,
And failure in social development establishing,
To hide your corruptness, wrongfulness and guilty,
This is the real truth, you are stashing..

But let me tell you one-day, it will be published,.
Across the sky, border, air and sea,
That day truth will hum everywhere and reestablished,
And it will come soon; in  the future for sure,  I can see.

Because of the seed that you have sown years  before and still flourishing it,
Cause 'Terrorism is no one's friend' and can never be,
And one day, it will itself, taught you lesson
And that day you will regret, what you have been doing since 1947.

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

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