Monday, 3 October 2016

Like In The Fairy Tales

Like in the fairy tales  

Like in the fairy tales , 

The princess waits, 

For her prince, 

I used to think like that, 

And after that,  

Everything would  change,

And every pain  I suffered, 

Would blossom into happiness. 

But now the Writer of reality , 

Have told me reality thing, 

"To rescue in real, 

No one comes, 

Cause everyone is busy, 

In waiting for themselves". 

So, From the problems of yours, 

Only You are the prince, 

Who can let you go away, 

By finding way, 

Only by yourself, Today. 

So,  the fairy tales , 

Have changed now, 

According to the, 

Changed world, 

So, for being rescued, 

Don't wait for your prince,

Cause he can be late, 

And you will be more suffering. 

But just go away, 

from everything worse, 

By the will power of your, 

And your own determination 

Cause you are yourself, 

 Form of femininity's flower. 

Written by 

Shivangi Saumya Suhani 

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