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What Will People Say

                    What Will People SAY?

  Her phone was vibrating , I said,"it's a call, i think". But she didn't respond . Her phone vibrated the second time, she had an expression of fear .
   We were in market then, of our so called small town with small common typical traditional cheap thinking.
    "its a call Amaya, pick it up ,it may be urgent".
    "What will people say" ,she said with a feeling like she would committe any crime by picking it up.
    "If I pick up the call people may think, I am talking to a boy. So, it's not good to pick up the call in public "
    The moment I heard this,my face was full of anger,and she had obviously observed that. Cause I only think about what is wrong or right! Not, "What will people say?"
     Well, she was the type of girl who would firstly not take phone with her, cause for her, it's a Bad Manner. Secondly, if she took it with her she wouldn't take it out.
    This time her phone vibrated for the third time,and my anger have reached third time of initial.
    But she, the so called Bharat Mata didn't pick it up.
    "At least just see who is calling".
    She checked her phone inside her bag without taking it out.
    "its an unknown number Shivangi"
    "It may be Urgent Amaya, why don't you understand"
    "Okay, I will call back, when I will reach back  home" she said with the feeling of being perplexingly confused between call and the thinking of "What Will People Say" .
  When we reached at my place she called on that number twice,  but there was no response.
  "It may be like a wrong number, let us forget it, I shouldn't have called on it" she said
  "Okay, Bharat mata gi " I said to her, with my hands folded in the position of namaste at my head.
   Then her phone again vibrated,  it was the same number. She picked up the call, it was from her sister's school and was urgent.  Her sister had got faint in the school and was now admitted in the hospital because of some health issues that I don't know much about. The school administration was continously trying to call at her home, but there was no response, at her father it was busy and at her which was silent. I was worried about her sister but one part of me, still wanted to shout at her loudly , now think na "What Will People Say"!!!!!!!!.


      Amaya A girl of power, having a brain that could make anyone feel same, humorous to that extent, that anyone would like to be with her, she was the friend of anyone, and anyone would become her. She had all that perfectness that any girl would want, beautiful like hell, that anyone would forget the whole world just staring at her, fashion sense like a diva. But everything in the world has a little imperfect side, even the moon have marks, so was she.     
    The only inadequacy she has, was, she would forget about you, when she is with others, that was the only inadequacy she had that would  make you feel like your heart is mashed by a hard hitted hammer. And the only thinking of her that I have grudge to her is, before doing  anything she would at least think twice, "What Will People Say".
   I had thought, that after that incident at least she wouldn't think "What Will People Say"  before doing anything, but the moon doesn't become full in one day it takes 15 days.


      We were in 12th  and everyone have decided their aim which they wanted to achieve in their life and finally my struggle and search of my extra talent had met me. And now I knew that I wanted to be a writer, an author and a poet. She, Amaya, as well have got her aim she knew she can be, she wanted to be, she deserved to be an Air Hostess, because she wanted to fly across the world .
    And one day before our class discussing about our future life and plans, as we were best friends forever no secret no lies type, told each other that I will start writing my novel after the traumatic boards exam, and she will apply for becoming an Air Hostess.
    But destiny had different plans for us. And our life changed grandoquiently, we had a conflict after board exam and we were not in touch for 2-3 months.
    After our results came, we finally talked after an interval of 2-3 months. We both were frustrated with our bihar boards results. 
    Then after 2-3 weeks she told me that she is taking admission in an Engineering College. I was fiercely shocked with these words of her.
    "Why are you taking an admission in an Engineering College when you wanted to be Air Hostess and fly across the world"  I said with a complicated astonishing expression on my face.
    Shivi don't you understand,  "What Will People Say".
    "What" I said in a desperately surprised way.
    "Do I am  waitress, I am maid". She said with a complex feeling. "And by the way my parents want me to be an Engineer"  she said further.
    "And what you want to do Amaya, your dream, your ambitious, your wishes, what about that, you will let it die like this. Why just because, "What Will People Say ". Come on Amaya just grow up, don't get influenced by other and opt up a carrier in which you can't give your 100% and you want to spend your 4 years around book becoming a Google search engine for engineering just because your parents wants and What will people say. You, you Amaya you are ruining your life yourself. "
    And I was desperate with her words, but tried to convince her even after knowing that she can't be ever convinced.
    And finally she took admission in an Engineering College, just because" What Will People Say ". And I continued my writing.

    Amaya was a girl with intelligence and bravery both, she could have done anything she wanted, but not everything can be managed on the basis of intelligence and bravery, Willininess does matter most. And the same thing happened with her, in the first semester she passed but not with an impressive marks, and not because of her Willininess but because of her hard work.
    But things were getting bitter for her with every passing day.
    In second semester, because of her low performance in latter exam, even after being the high scorer of high school, her confidence have broken up into pieces and so was her bravery and intelligence.
    The lectures were going out of her mind , the more she tried to understand , the more complex topics were getting for her, and more she started waking up at night and which lead her to to nothing, but getting hospitalised..
   When I came to know about it I went to see her I was frightened to imagine in what condition I may found her, my imagination were showing me worse part I could have never ever seen in even  nightmares .
   With slow feeble step I entered in her room. She was sleeping on her bed like a baby weak and wimpy.
  Seeing her on bed like that I was feeling worse for her, tears were rolling down my cheeks ,My heart which was feeling hollow then wanted to cry with my weeping eyes, now think na "What Will People Say".

Written by
Shivangi Saumya suhani


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