Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Three shock

I was at gandhi maiden sitting at the shade near the West main gate, I was busy revising my notes for one more time.
A woman in her mid 20's came and sat on the same shade a little away from me, she was tall, at least taller than me, her whole face was covered with her dupatta,  like a terrorist, which is probably very common here in Patna. She would had fair complexion that can be observed, from her visible hand, well she had wore a suit and churidaar which had covered her from  head to toe. She was looking like a ritual, traditional and sacramental girl.
Then, she called anyone and start having a conversation, which I was able to hear,  because of her loud voice and her call on speaker, I was not intentionally hearing it, but it was constantly going into my ears,  so what can I had done?
  "You know, Pretty is cheap mean and surely a bitch , I am leaving that flat in a week, can u come with me, so that we can go together".
   "but why, you do want to change ur flat, have you got mad"?
  " What do you know, what have she just did? She always go with her boyfriend and came late and not only this but she come drunk many time and we hid it from the landlordess. And I didn't came for 1 night and she told her that and not only this but she told that she would tell about it to my parents? Such a slut she is, I never told about her anything to anyone, and she threatened me to do this,  how could she? "
(listening all this drama I was shocked to at that extent that I thought, I was surely been dreaming, but even nightmares are not that worse, they only frightens you not leave you in perplexingly shocked. But I felt like I got a heart attack, well the 1st one. )
" oh my god, that's the problem to my jaan".
  (ewe, how anyone call someone jaan that more worse than being annoying.)
And said that he would come after 4 pm cause he have to complete some important work than he would be free.

  I was constantly thinking now that I am really in a town. But one heart attack was still left for me or I guess two.

  A guy in guise of Salman Khan but with his own face was coming from the south, I thought he was coming for her, but I thought, she already had a boyfriend then how can he  would came to her.
But he stopped near our shade and get down from his massive R15. And she went to him and he gave her gift and some flowers and they hugged each other.
    While all this, my eyes goes broader looking at her though it was the 2nd heart attack for me, how a girl can be deceitful! how can be she?
  Then, I saw while she was hugging him a men behind that guy was showing that girl a hie fie and that girl instead gave him a flying kiss.
Then, After hugging she went and sat his  massive R15 and said I have to come before 4 pm, here it was that about 2pm then.

I was then wondering  about her disloyalty, dishonesty and deceitfulness, and not only boys are like this, but girls are too, I hadn't ever agreed that girls can do so. But after this incident one thing was clear disloyalty, dishonesty and deceitfulness are not a gender problem but it a problem of those weaker people, who find it cool to cheat someone and whatever, but when they realise there mistakes, it's too late for them to be believed by anyone. It's a problem that doesn't affect, who may had committe it, but one who believe on the committer, and there believe from love, honestly and loyalty get shattered forever.
  "Life is very short to spoil others and yours too, so guys live your life with peace and let others too".

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

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