Monday, 11 July 2016

Review on BREAKING FREE by Neha Nayak

  Breaking free, a debut novel by Neha Nayak, is a story about a girl who can be you , me or anyone. A girl free like a bird in the infinite sky, trying to fly high and high, but suddenly what happens she gets caught in a cage made of love, selfish love, not for her, but for her emirate and emir lifestyles.
  And at right time she realises that, and breaks free. It took her hard to tolerate all the pain that she got because of it, but even in darkest night there is rays of hope, it is other thing that it may come from tiny stars. And then comes an angel, who with his stupidity and chuckles, heals her all pain. But at the end, again a cage was being formed for her but was of a real feel. But she, Noya now knew,
  "life is not about a thing, to which one should be confined of, but to live it to fullest, as one can do being with himself".
  So, Noya decided to BREAK FREE.
   BREAKING FREE, is a beautiful story written with beautiful thought, giving lots of life lessons. And the best parts are the meeting of Noya and Ranbir by destiny.

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

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