Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mount Everest From My Terrace

Mount Everest
  Early morning and clear sky, I used to wait for it, since childhood, but what is the exact time, I am doing so, I don't know, since when, I did so or who told me that either,
  "That 'The Mount Everest', 'the tallest mountain peak of the world', can be seen out from my terrace or anyone else's of my town".
And after then, knowing about it, every morning I prayed for pleasant morning with clear sky, so that I could have once again the view of "The Elegant Vast Mount Everest" .
  Every Morning, after waking up and running to the terrace to see that if the sky is clear so that I could once again have a glance at the Mount Everest, had became my most favourite habit.
And after finding the sky clear, I used to be on the cloud nine, but had to return once again on the earth, to live that beautiful scenery.
  I used to lean on the boundary of my terrace and used to stand on my toes to get a little bit taller so that I could have a better, beautiful and brighter view. I used to see then, the mountains peak used to  covered with white, Chaos and vivid snow, with white cream like clouds surrounding it, for that was visible to anyone viewing it. Then with slow movement of time, in every jiffy the cloud covering the peak used to fade slowly - slowly, and the peak then used to be visible, clear white, covered with snow, standing with laconic words of determination that it would not move forever and he is the real boss. And when the first sun rays used to fell on the top of the Peak like a gold beam shoot at it and it's small gold particles used to scatter around its surrounding, gradually the peak used to shroud with the sun rays and whole peak of Mount Everest used to shine like if it is a piece of Sun and it's small golden burning particles have spread in its atmosphere and it felt like as if it's made of gold but more shimmer, more beautiful and more attractive than it.
Then, gradually the part of mountain facing sun was bright, glowing and shimmering like sun and the other was like the shadowy, dark but visible part of moon.
And till then, it used to be 8 of morning and my terrace used to be filled with hot rays of sun, burning my outer skin. So, I had to go to my room again, but the pictures of "The Unexpressable Beauty of The Elegant Mount Everest"  used to inhabit in my mind forever.
  And whenever I wanted to see it, I used to go to the terrace and repeat it.

Written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

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