Thursday, 3 March 2016

Guests are our God

Hi everyone 
A post after a long time Cz I was busy with my studies because exams r there in this month.
But even after that I managed to get some time to share something interesting, what today had something special and was different,  which gave me different type of lessons, views, thoughts; and which made me develop a step higher than what I was before. 
I m looking forward to have such experiences again and again so that I could improve myself as a person.


Since the morning my mood  was little bit off,  Cause of the bullying, people try to do with me,  I avoid and ignore thinking about it but even after having determined self confidence I felt so. I tried to get over it and was making myself mentally prepare for studying cause it is the most applicable thing to get a better future which is for me is the most necessary  thing right now, cause it is my backup plan if I failed to become  a writer😟😞😭 (which I will never let happen cause its the only dream that is left to me😌😏🙆🙏).

But I was cheating myself that I am studying, 😑😕(which I think probably every student does). Then my mom came and told me that Some foreigners have came here in my street  from an NGO to tell us something about education  and blah blah!!
I wasn't at all interested  in this but had to go there, cause I m my mummy's little girl, who only have the ability  to talk in English. So I became the bali ka bakra at that time.

Then, I went to my friend's house where they had stayed and would execute there programme for which they were here. When I entered the room in which they were present, a very familiar friendly soothing welcoming I received from them, with the English accent but the Indian word  NAMASTE. 
I was surprised and shocked too,  seeing them in INDIAN DRESS ( ethnic Salwar suit) with BINDI on their forehead which was most adorable thing about them, and their Indian welcoming style was the most attractive thing. 
They shook their hands with me and introduced themselves as ketty( the most adorable in them) ,  zen and mecca. 
This was the first time I was going to had a conversation with any foreigner and I was very excited about it. . 
They asked me about my studies and brother and continued...  And my mom was continously looking at us as if what we're chatting, not only she but all the people  present  there,  so this is what,  how we Indians make a difference. 
Then we showed them the whole  house and made them  meet other people and took them to terrace,  when they went there they were like " o that's a rose plant, oh it's nice", "oh the small-small houses, oh that's owsome", "oh that's a party Hall,  oh that's great". 
(ek cheez isse ye pata chala ye american makhan marne me bare chalu hote h)

Then we played KABBADI with them, I think they enjoyed a lot playing it.

So we came to the 1st floor  and sat there. 
After some time their programme  started (everyone was told that's an NGO programme,  but I had the knowledge that it may be something else and I had asked zen at terrace about it,  she told me that she is here for telling about education,  child and the only one God Jessus).

The programme started with the question that where the life starts, of course from a woman womb where the baby stays for 9 months.

And further they told that how abortion is harmful for both the mother and the child,  how it gives unbearable or indescribable pain to that kid who hasn't yet came in this world without being guilty he suffers this.

Further,  they finally came to the point for which they were here .... 
They gave the example of 5 bengals of different colours: 
Gold : which indicates  what at the beginning universe was made by him,  the God,  which was pure than gold and God used to stay with us in that world
Black: it indicates  that the sin man did which ruined the world, and God went away from this world leaving us alone, as a punishment for our sins. 
Red : it indicates the sacrifice the son of God made, which made us free from sin. 
White/ silver: it indicates that for the well being and welfare of us he became alive after dieing. 
And at last 
Green : it indicates the prosperity that we can have because of him. 

After the programme was over I had a nice conversation with all of them,  cause I was  able to talk with them in English 😎😜 and I realised that I am that good at least but need to improve more and more. 
Conversation with Mecca was the best part as we talked in a joking way.  One of the aunt there told her that she want to go with her to America. 
I referred her this again in English. Freakingly she said she would carry her in her pocket and no visa and passport will be required as she may didn't have it. And there was loud laughter sound when I translated it. 😀😁

And at last they were treated like celebrity I told them as everyone was asking them for picsand selfii. 
(aaahaahaa ek din ke celebrity)

I was wondering if what they felt at that time and also when  people wanted to talk with them with lack knowledge of English. 
(impression banane wale depression me chale gaye honge lagta h)

Now,  the time had come when they had to leave,  the whole people of my street  came to leave them to their van,  it was like bidai of any girl,  they hugged everyone  and get into the van with the promise that they will come again. 
And everyone here was left with the dreamy dream that they will came again.


Two thing that came in my mind after this was

1.The thing was clear that they were the supporters of monotheism. 
But I am too. But with my own thoughts,  I believe in only one God too, but He is represent in the world with different from and different name for different religions but all the religion shows the same path of humanity. And that's my thoughts.

2. . We Indians are famous for our hospitable behaviour,  I know that they would be happy by getting  such a treatment but am thinking that if we Indian will go to their country,  Will we be treated in the same way???? 
Well I know the answer and I don't wanna hear it. 
We Indians have the nature to give without expecting. 
That's why in India it is said 
"अतिथि देवो भवाः"

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