Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Helpless Childhood

Hii,  Everyone
Today, I am going to tell u something.
From childhood I was a very good student,  I  used to see my friends having  lots of dream and ambitious that they wanted to pursue in future.
They all had extra talent that would take them to limelight.
Because of which they would be praised and loved by other, not only this but these extra talent for them were very  enjoyable  and give them a relax feeling  and peacefullness.
I used to think and evolve myself  if I had  any extra quality  rather than studying and used to complain myself. 


Then,  one day I was eating food at a food stall, a child came near to me for begging. He was very small as he had just learned to walk.
After this went home but I was unable to sleep.
At morning  2 or 3 o'clock I tried  study but wasn't able to do it. And I took my copy and pen and started writing  this poem which am sharing  today.

Now I  am  a poet,  writer and I have evolved my extra strength just because of  that boy.
I  tried  to find  but I failed  I dedicate this poem to him which is my very first  poem,  the  which made me writer,  a poet and what I am now.


Once I was eating,
fast food at a food stall.

A child came near to me,
With needy hope.

I felt strange,
As what  I can do for him.

He asked for some money,
As he was hungry since morning.

I didn't have change,
Except one rupee.

I said him that very ashamedly,
He said, " Give me that
As it was enough for him" .

It was very ashamed moment for me,
I whispered to me.

As I was going to ask,
Will you like to eat the food of this stall.

My friend with me frequently asked before that,
Can he eat his left plate?
As he was hungry?

He said," Yes".
And start eating it as fast as he could.

As he was hungry since morning,
It seemed at that time.

He looked so sweet,
Eating his meal.

It looked as he reached his aim,
After so hard struggling.

Suddenly , I felt sad,
And a tear  rolled down my cheek .

As I saw , hunger of one,
For the first time.

I then realised,
I had seen only one of them.

There must be many more,
Alike themselves .

I hope, if I could do anything for them,
I am unable to do in present,
But in future, I hope,
I see," I will and I can".

So , I got a lesson from this incident,
I stopped destroying food and anything else.

Cause , I understand now, that,
I am lucky as everything, I have.

Because , there are many people around me,
Who are living without all that I have.

written by
Shivangi Saumya Suhani

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