Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Krish and Tassu

3 years after,
They met at the corner face to face,
None was able to avoid the gaze,
So, he smirked and
She gave a fake wave!

Are you fine she questioned.
As she could see beyond his sadness
Behind his smirk, smirk of loneliness
And murdering his own dream ,
With his own hand!

He smiled with lies,
That he was fine,
With my inquiry of his wariness,
To his lies, I didn't get my eyes,
To look into him so deep,
As he would had get before the 3 years sleep.

To his answer, I smiled,
Didn't sat there for being his relief,
Getting myself wounded for his grieves
Because it was he who had chosen this,
What right now he was going through!

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