Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Midnight Train

There were two men sitting in the train compartment, it was mid night then, there was howling and cries of wild beast coming certainly from the places where the train was going through.
After some time one of the man asked the second. Do you believe in ghosts?
“Yes”, he replied with a demon like smile and vanishes.
The man was astonished and stunt with fear, his fright pushed him forcefully to the wall, this shock make his skin shiver and his words stammered hard. He was unable to utter a single word, as he was dumped in horror.
He opened the compartment and ran in a hurry; he got tucked by a seat and fell. All passengers were laughing at him and suddenly there eyes turned red and blood started coming out of them.  As he cried all of them again disappeared.
He felt like his heart came in his mouth, sweat was all over his face. He stood up again and moved hither and thither and rushed to the door all the gates got closed and the windows to got locked up, all in one strike. His heart beat rushed to the ceiling of the compartment.
He freaked to the main gate of compartment to unlock and run to safety. When he was trying hard to unlock it he felt a tap on his shoulder, he with fear in his eyes moved backward the same man was there with the same demon like smile on his face, his eyes turn red in the second and bloods rained from it and came close to him And....
Save me, save me! Ghost GHostttt! , he cried to the loudest and his eyes wide opened.
And there was buzz of laughter spread among the passengers around him in the same compartment. It was the day and the midnight had over.

Written by
Ifa Agnes


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